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Here’s a collection of what went down in the global and local podcast spaces this week.

APVA Awards 2022

Nigeria Twitter Space: 2022 APF X BML Research

The good folks at Africa Podfest hosted Queen Raffy and me to a Twitter Space on Thursday Afternoon to chat ‘bout the recent research findings from Nigeria. We talked about the surprises [which included house chores topping the list of activities Nigerians engaged in while listening to podcasts] and more. Play Recording

The Grow & Glow Podcast Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary

The Grow and Glow podcast turned 2 on Tuesday, May 23, 2022.

The series has 56 episodes and counting. Gracie Imo says it’s been an exciting journey with good experiences, meeting wonderful people and learning good things.

“In the past two years of podcasting, I will not say I’ve not had low days… I have had such days but remembering the reason why I started has kept me going. Consistency pays too.” She concludes. Check out the show here.

The RØDECaster Pro II is HERE!

The RØDECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for content creators, including streamers, podcasters, and musicians. Combining revolutionary features with superior sound quality, endless customizability, and unmatched ease of use, the RDECaster is all you will ever need to record incredible audio for your content. Read More

Fayfay [NaijaPodHub] speaks at the International Women’s Podcast Festival

Fayfay, “the podcast producer” and creator of the Naija Pod Hub will be among the leading women in the audio industry speaking at this year’s International Women’s Podcast Festival in June.

Presented by Content Queen, the International Women’s Podcast Festival is a one-day event that unites the global community of female innovators and leaders in podcasting, audio, and radio. Other keynote Speakers include Leanne Ali (UK) — BBC, Emily Wu (Taiwan) — Ghost Island Media, Melissa Mbugua (Kenya) — Africa PodFest, Bridget Todd (USA) — There Are No Girls on the Internet, Mae Thomas (India) — Maed in India, Lory Martinez (France) — Studio Ochenta. Read More

The Daily Hustle signs exclusive deal with Visual Audio Times

The partnership agreement sees that Daily Hustle is given a creative upgrade and is optimised for monetisation.

Daily Hustle is a unique show in the Nigerian podcast space that focuses primarily on the stories of SME owners, entrepreneurs and founders.

The team at VAT checked out previous episodes, liked the idea and decided to partner with the podcast, hosted and produced by Osemudiamen Oigiangbe.

Osemudiamen Oigiangbe

“Personally, this is the next stage in my growth plan for the show and I’m happy it’s a reality today.” He says.

Visual Audio Times is a publisher of podcasts in Africa, working with podcasters all over the world. The company, co-founded by Osagie Alonge, Adeile Abe and Aisha Salaudeen, provides localized content for Africans in Africa and the diaspora. Through their podcast offerings, Visual Audio Times curates and showcases conversations in several industries across the continent.

For emerging and already established podcasters, Visual Audio Times offers a variety of services including podcast production, distribution, promotion, planning and hosting.

Afripods Goes To Ghana

Afripods took a virtual trip to Ghana last Saturday, May 21 and it was pretty revealing!

Check out some of the contributions from the Ghanaian podcast community!


Transistorfm launches free podcast website builder

Justin Jackson made the announcement on Twitter:

And you can check out its features here.

Justin adds that the “goal for this launch is to have 100 sites using this new free website builder. If you know a podcaster who could use it, please pass this along!”

Campari Group Suspends Advertising With Spotify

The group which owns Wild Turkey bourbon released a company statement saying, “We are disappointed that the implementation of the campaign by Spotify was inconsistent with our advertising code and have paused all media with Spotify pending results of the investigation”.

The company was reacting to a series of events which occurred last Saturday where a number of podcasts were inundated with unsolicited sponsor banners.

Tanner Campbell wrote something about this!

Other podcasts like Fun Fact Friday (which is aimed at kids) threatened to leave Spotify.

A spokesperson for Spotify told Podnews: “On Saturday, Spotify made a technical error that caused ads featuring the Wild Turkey brand to be incorrectly placed on a number of podcasts. We identified the cause and swiftly resolved this matter.”

Former Radio Station Turns To Podcast Studio

Due to the high cost of operating the station and reduced interest from students, a former student-run radio station at a university in the US is being converted to a podcast studio for students. Read More

Twitter Media is Now Twitter Create

Twitter Media is Now Twitter Create

Twitter rebrands its media page as it shifts its focus toward the creator economy.

Twitter now expands the number of industries it serves, branching out to include writers, gaming, nonprofits, and podcasters. Read More

The Guide #35: Our podcast pet peeves, from bad ads to marathon runtimes

As marvellous as podcasts are, the author of this newsletter finds some aspects of them really, really annoying. Read More

How To Be The Perfect Partner In Podcast Crime

Co-hosting a podcast with other people can be great. But if one or more team members aren’t pulling their weight or aren’t as committed to the project as you are it can be exhausting. Here’s how to be the perfect partner in podcast crime. Read More

8 Podcasts About Fascinating Scams

Scams are in the zeitgeist right now, which means they’re popping up in podcasts all over the place, in shows from the biggest media companies to the tiniest of indies. Here are recommendations for the best, most fascinating scam podcasts on the digital airwaves right now. Read More

Survey Finds Podcasts Are Increasingly Becoming A Video Medium, Driven By New Listeners.

The shift in perception of what a product should be is also driving a growing number of listeners to YouTube. Read More

NPR Inks Podcast And Radio Show Transcription Deal

NPR has struck a deal with Take 1 to transcribe some of the network’s podcasts and news programming. Read More

Tom Webster on podcasting and his new gig: #RDE22

Tom Webster on podcasting and his new gig: #RDE22

Tom Webster has been at Edison Research for over 18 years, and once again was one of the major presenters at Radiodays Europe. Wayne Stamm from radioinfo got a bit of time with Tom after his final presentation and asked him about some of his latest research, and his new job at Read More

6 Things To Try If You No Longer Enjoy Doing Your Podcast

George “Ace” Acevedo says doing a podcast should be inspiring and fulfilling, even if you cover the hard topics. You should be feeling a sense of accomplishment or a sense that you’re doing something good for your community or the world. If this isn’t how you’re feeling, you might want to step back and reassess why you’re doing your show. Read More

Adjust Start & End Time In Eddy

Bailey Drake from Headliner dropped me a note about an update in Eddy, the transcription and editing app. With this new update, you’ll be able to adjust the start & end time to make sure the clip sounds natural every time.

Here is a quick walkthrough video or check out the written steps here.


Voice Actors Wanted For A Narrative Podcast

If you’re a talented voice artist in Lagos, Nigeria, the VoixCollective wants you for its podcast project. Apply here

New Episodes


The Young God | A Love Letter to My Listeners (3rd Anniversary)

“My biggest flex is my audience. I love the quality of people my podcast attracts.” To show my appreciation and dedication to those who have come on this journey with me, I give a behind the scenes look at the mindset I have each time I create an episode, what has kept me going all this time, my approach to awards and recognition, what I believe I’ll be remembered for, the lessons I’ve learned, the soft skills I’ve developed, and my biggest flexes as a podcaster. — Rodney


Afrobeats Weekly | Burna Boy, Davido and the Apple Music Charts

In this episode, YewandeFactor and Tunde talk about a lot of things. Music charts, Burna vs Davido, and the Obongjayar album. The duo also discuss the new afrobeats releases, and their favourite tracks this week.


T’s Casual Conversations | #03 — Camp No Be Your Mate: Our NYSC Orientation Camp Experience

A quick heads up, this episode contains a lot of vibes and bants. However, we share a tiny bit of our experiences before and during our National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp.


The Newbie Sistas Podcast | The Soft Life Living Episode

Less hard work while living one’s best life, does this sound familiar? In this episode, the newbie sistas delve into the soft life movement and what it takes to be a member. Eniola & Evergreen discuss what they each understand by the phrase and unravel the associated financial implications.


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