This Week In The Podverse: March 18, 2022

Here’s a rundown of the top stories, opinions, tips, recommendations in the podcast universe this past week…

  • Thanks to a grant, Joey Akan recently launched his 6th podcast. Hopefully, this won’t be stunted by production wahala as the previous 5 had very short life spans. He explains why it’s important for him to be responsible for his own Podcast production, this time.
  • Self-professed Podcast Junkie, Ekpeyong Ekpeyong writes extensively on 7 podcasts by Nigerian women you should check out.
  • Matt Deegan says, “the only thing that’s made a dent in radio — in audience scale or content style — are podcasts.” In an elaborate and enlightening piece on how Big Tech Always Fails at Doing Radio, Matt explains why Amp is the latest attempt that misunderstands listeners.
  • Amplifi Media’s Founder/CEO, Steve Goldstein takes an interesting look at the worlds of apps, who’s still standing, and which ones are now defunct.
  • How did Joe Rogan become a Podcasting Giant? This article delves into his ability to attract particularly powerful young male listeners, in today’s fractured media environment.
  • Does Twitter have what it takes to compete with podcast industry giants like Apple and Spotify? This article in a Protocol Entertainment newsletter thinks podcasts are actually a perfect match for Twitter, even if we’re still in the rumour phase.
  • Arielle Nissenblatt is interested in setting up host swaps with podcasters who podcast about podcasts. Are you interested? See her Tweet.
  • Are we doing too much as creatives? Jeremy Enns seems to think so and addresses it in his newsletter.
  • Since 2018, Culture Class Podcast has interacted with people from over 50 countries. Whether it’s talking about the Citizenship Amendment Act in India, Corruption in Healthcare, Chicago’s Black Santa, Sperm Donations in Australia, Living in Saudi Arabia, Music in the Metaverse, being a Gay Bishop or surviving a Kenyan Refugee Camp, they’ve interviewed many interesting people and covered so many interesting topics. To keep this going, they’ll need your help. So, if you know someone with an interesting background/story, please refer them as a guest and they’ll be sure to get them on the podcast.
  • This Spotify partnership with FC Barcelona, shey e mek sense so? Sake of say dem current share price dey very low according to Jem Aswad.
  • How do you get people excited about your podcast, pre-launch? Check out Rachel Corbett’s tips on building momentum for a show that doesn’t exist yet.
  • Watch this video by The Podcast Planner to learn how your podcast can grow in popularity. This video will teach you how using a simple structure not only grabs the attention of listeners but also increases engagement and trust with your audience.
  • Watch: How To Record Professional Sounding Podcasts in Audacity.
  • In this short video, the Buzzsprout team shows us how to use social media to introduce audiences to our podcast and encourage them to subscribe, download, and listen.
  • Buzzsprout’s Head of Marketing, Alban Brooke has some useful advice for podcast guests, including listening to the podcast to figure out if you’re a good fit as a guest.
  • From creating a systemic workflow to batch recording and editing, podcasters share how they balance full-time jobs with their podcasts.
  • If your guests aren’t sharing your podcast episodes, it might be because you haven’t made it easy for them. To change that, here’s a very useful tip from Bec Guild who says, “Have your email ready with the image, caption, link to access, and send them the assets link. Give direction for how best to promote it. Sometimes the answer is they don’t know what’s possible, they may not have time, so you need to make it as easy and accessible as possible for them to share.” Meanwhile, Mark Asquith takes it further in his newsletter.
  • If your podcast CTA isn’t eliciting favoured responses, Arielle Nissenblatt says to switch it up.
  • Rami Malek is an outstanding actor. You’ve probably seen him in Bohemian Rhapsody and No Time To Die. But did you know he’s very present in podcasts as a guest and actor too? See his appearances.

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