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  • Podcast Taxonomy version 1.1 updates podcast credits and roles. Read More
  • The APVA Awards is among 17 Podcast Awards to Keep an Eye On This Year. Read More.
  • Netflix launches its first African podcast with industry heavyweights. Read More
  • Nigerian TV/Film stars and real-life couple, Linda Ejiofor & Ibrahim Suleiman launch new audio series, called Due Parenting Podcast. Read More.
  • Yellow Caution writes on 11 Nollywood podcasts to check out. See if your favourite is on the list. Read More
  • No new episodes from the Young God Podcast this week but this thread of 10 previous episodes are the perfect combinations of storytelling, personality and production value. Read More
  • Afripods heads to Ghana in May for #AfripodsMeets. Read More.
  • Warner Music Group launches in-house Podcast Network. Read More
  • BIPOC Podcasters want more exposure and support on Spotify. Read More.
  • Progress, as Seneca Women, attract More Female Voices To Podcasting. Read More
  • Husband and Wife Radio hosts pivot to Podcasts. Read More
  • Substack steps up its podcast player app for iOS with a full-screen podcast player, speed controls, accessible playback options and a customisable ‘playing next’ queue. Try it out with my Tony Doe Podcast and tell me what you think.
  • Substack also introduces Video in BetaRead More.
  • Apple Podcast launches editorially curated collections. Read More.
  • Spotify reports a 15% YoY growth in premium subscribers despite losing users in Russia and Joe Rogan controversy. Read More.
  • Joe Rogan says his subscribers grew to 2 million despite the surrounding controversies. Read More
  • Riverside Partners with Anchor by Spotify for Video Podcasts. Read More.
  • Also, TechCrunch reports that Riverside raised a $35M Series B funding round. Read More.
  • Donald Albright reveals how he used his music marketing background to grow a podcast network. Read More
  • Podchaser has a new API that lets you see sponsors and AD spends. Read More
  • The Official Prince Podcast gets a new season. Read More


  • In his latest newsletter, Evo Terra explains why Big Tech doesn’t care about your podcast. Read More.
  • According to this tweet, your “small” podcast get level, forget!
  • In this article, Rachel Corbett describes The 8 Different Types Of Podcasts
  • Pausing before responding breaks up the serve and volley format your guest has likely settled into. They’ll want to fill that silence with something. And that something? It’s usually less rehearsed, more succinct, and much more interesting, says Matthew Brown. Check out his 6 Tips to Interview Guests on Your Podcast.
  • Mat Zucker explains the inspiration for creating a song for his podcast. Read More
  • In a two-part feature, Carrie Caulfield Arick writes on “Why the Podcasting Industry Creates Podfade”. Here’s the sequel: II. The Creative
  • Boy Shinzu doesn’t think Joey Akan’s guests do justice to his podcasts compared to how he writes about them in his articles. Read More
  • Jeremy Enns, says you should curate your guests and topics first. E get why. Read More.
  • What’s the biggest misconception about podcasting? Thread


  • What Is The Best Way To Maximise TikTok For My Podcast?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to use TikTok for your podcast will vary depending on your goals and needs. However, some tips on how to use TikTok for your podcast include creating short, entertaining videos that promote your podcast and its content and using hashtags to help people find your videos. Additionally, you can encourage listeners to share your videos with their friends and followers on TikTok, and consider hosting Q&A sessions or other interactive content on the platform.

  • Allison Frost shares 6 pointers from 3 experienced podcasters about How to make a solutions journalism podcast. Read More
  • Will you take advice from someone who left his senior tech job to fight the dangers of hustle culture? I would. Here are his tips for success.
  • Worried about growing your podcast and thinking of going over to the dark side? Please don’t. Be encouraged by this tweet from Marcus DePaula.
  • Check out these top tips from podcasters on Twitter on how to interview guests.


  • now has a home feed and calendar to plan your day plus other features to make your day more productive and collaborative.
  • Check out’s new features.
  • Check out this 5-star review of The Rode NTH-100 Headphones
  • In this video, James Mulvany shares an album of royalty-free, ‘pod safe’ music that you can use in your podcast without ever having to worry about the music lawyers knocking at your door. Full Video.
  • Headliner says you can now export a transcript with Speaker names included!

Go to > Select or upload your project > Make your edits > Click export & select ‘Export .doc’. That’s it, your transcript with speakers will download to your machine :)

  • Find podcasts for your research with Podchaser [and learn how to cite them]. Read More.

New Episodes


  • Podcaster, Thomas David of the DaveTalk Podcast, is looking for historically and culturally educated guests on the continent, to be on his new African Tales Series. If interested, please reach him via email: []
  • Audio Producer at Smart Casual NG | Apply
  • Producer/Editor at EditAudio [Remote] | Apply [via podjobs]

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