• Nominations are now open for the inaugural Association of Podcast and Voice Awards by the Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists [APVA]. The APVA Awards 2022 will bring much-needed limelight to Africa’s talent in the world of podcasting, spoken word and poetry, voice acting and voice-overs. We will be recognizing Africa’s talent in different categories on the 25th of September, 2022. Learn more about the Awards here | Nominate your favourite podcaster, voice-over artist, or spoken word artist here. Entries close on the 30th of May, 2022.
  • Michael from the Creator Partnerships Team at Linktree, says they’ve got a new feature for podcast creators and curators to help get more listeners for their podcasts. Just add a link to a podcast on a supported platform (Spotify, Apple, Google, or Stitcher) to add this functionality to your Linktree. Check out my Linktree profile, where I’m using the new feature for my two podcasts, The Tony Doe Podcast and UPGNRs.
  • Journalist, Brendan I. Koener accuses podcaster Jesse Rapaport of intellectual property theft. Brendan posted a series of tweets about this, indicating it’s not even the first time it’s happened to him. Read more
  • Spotify Greenroom is now Spotify Live! Read More
  • Linkedin News Editor, Kelly Nguyen, curates reactions to Spotify Live. Read More.
  • Spotify Architect Leaves The Company. Read More.
  • The Boston College History Department Opens New Podcasting Studio. Read More
  • Hip-hop supergroup, Black Star is set to release a sophomore album on a podcast platform. Read More
  • Blubrry introduces New Podcast Account Sharing. Read More
  • Ohio student lands full-time job at WKYC studios with podcast certificate and experience. Read More.
  • Jesuitical, a young hip and lay podcast is filling a gap in the podcasting (and parish) world for young Catholics. Read More.
  • Ariel Shapiro is now a Lead Reporter for Hot Pod. Read More
  • Sportster reports that former WWE superstar, The Undertaker may be starting a Podcast. Read More.
  • SquadCast Increases Collaboration Among Podcast Creators. Read More
  • The UK is on the cusp of a golden age of podcasts. Here’s why.
  • Tanner Campbell explains why your podcast is a business, full stop. Check out the results of his poll on hours Podcasters spend on their production.
  • My good friend Danny Brown of Pod Chat, says he tried Podmachine last week and the edited/mastered file came back worse than the raw file. He says, “the editing itself was good, well snipped together, but sound quality not so much.” I’m passing the feedback to the company with the hopes that they rectify it quickly.
  • Podcasters share their podcast cover art and the stories behind them. Thread
  • Joey Akan says he has a recorded podcast episode of a conversation with an 8-year-old serial entrepreneur. Thread.


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Podcaster | Voice-Over Guy | Radio Shifu | Confam Arsenal Fan | Country Rep, [Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists] |

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Tony Doe™

Tony Doe™

Podcaster | Voice-Over Guy | Radio Shifu | Confam Arsenal Fan | Country Rep, [Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists] |

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