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2 min readFeb 22, 2022


Experts say consumer engagement and content value in the audio industry are growing at opposite speeds.

With competition getting more intensive by the day, audio creators are finding it difficult to reach and connect with audiences as well as monetize their content.

Despite today’s best practices, new podcasters are struggling with discoverability.

Host Read Ads are profitable only to about 5% of top creators. Subscriptions, while dependable, have limited reach. Donations nko? Cute. But unsustainable long term.

We’re experiencing the development of new audio formats, elements of interaction and discovery tools.

And here’s where Audio Intelligence comes in.

It’s described as a breakthrough moment in audio.

With Generic episode promotion on social media receiving less engagement, time and stress associated with writing show notes, creating chapters and identifying appropriate ad breaks within audio, it seems the old way of doing what was previously effective, is no longer achieving the goals once set out to.

Audio Intelligence provides enhanced advertising, instant insights, smart promotions and automatic optimization.

With Enhanced advertising, creators and publishers can drive more revenue from their audio content. Audio Intelligence increases the quality and quantity of ad inventory for publishers and platforms.

Instant Insights — Identify tone, topics, and keywords to enable better discovery and monetization of audio content.

Smart Promotion — Share audio content in the right format for the right channel to maximize discovery and engagement.

Automatic Optimization gives creators and publishers more time to do what they are uniquely positioned to do: create. Ultimately, as the management platforms test, learn, and refine their systems, it leads to efficiency and effectiveness gains for creators.

With Audio Intelligence, creators in the audio industry are no longer limited to those just behind the microphone. There are opportunities for Developers to reimagine what the industry may look like in a few years.


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