Radio Folk Love The Rødecaster Pro!

Created primarily for podcasters, the Rødecaster Pro’s versatility has found its way to radio broadcast and voiceover production territories with relative ease.

A group of users on Facebook, share their experiences with the console as a device used for terrestrial and internet radio…

It started with this inquiry by Brodi Goozie:

I am curious to know how many RCPs are used for broadcasting? I do and the output quality, particularly phone interviews, is better than our radio station albeit a community station…

Then the responses came.

“The RCP brings a level of quality and versatility at an affordable price. I have a full broadcast studio that would cost more than $40,000 to replace. When I’m on the road with the Rodecaster, my clients don’t even know I’m not in the main studio. It’s that good.” — Jeff Davis

“Been using it for a few months now for Broadcasting over the web after nearly 20 years in the radio/media industry in Mauritius. The RCP is a great piece of gear and does the job efficiently with a nice quality even with the phone calls.” — Gary Poonoosamy

“I’m a new user/owner and I think it’s one of the most important pieces of production gear that’s been introduced in the last 30 years! It’s amazingly good — and I’ve got a nice control room already! I’m going to be using mine to do live podcast production.” — Rob Reider

“I use the RCP as my only soundboard for my radio station, and I love it. I also use it for podcasts and when I produce ads and promos. It’s a workhorse.” — Tom Keeling

“I use an RCP for one of my online stations, mostly for when I’m doing my live show. It’s taken a bit for me to tweak the settings for optimal sound (and I’m still working on it) but it makes things a lot easier to manage overall.” — Craig Van Oosten

“I have actually written to Rode on more than one occasion, asking that they create a link-up system between RCP users but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.” — David Lear

“…we’ve sold nearly 500 RCPs to iHeart media stations everywhere. It’s their standard now. Takes the need for an engineer out of the equation once it’s set up. Just turn it on and hit go.” — Justin Eggleton

I don’t own one yet but it’s definitely on my wishlist for 2022!

Check out the review:

Rodecaster Pro Review: The Best All-In-One Podcast Mixer

If you have one and want to connect with others who do too, Join The Group on Facebook

Rødecaster Pro User Group

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Podcaster | Voice-Over Guy | Radio Shifu | Confam Arsenal Fan | Country Rep, [Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists] |

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Tony Doe™

Tony Doe™

Podcaster | Voice-Over Guy | Radio Shifu | Confam Arsenal Fan | Country Rep, [Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists] |

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