Podcast Listening Habits In Nigeria [2021]

All participants were under 50 years of age with 81% [95.8% in 2020] of them within the 18–34 demographic. 43% are female with male listeners dominating with 57%.
45.6% [45.8%in 2020] of respondents listen to podcasts a few times a week, compared with 38% [41.7% in 2020] who say they listen once a week.
In 2020, 68.8% claimed they listened to podcasts, mostly on Saturdays. In 2021, there was a shift in preference for Sundays with 57%.
34.2% say they listen at night, while 25.3% preferred mornings. In 2020, 35.4% listened to podcasts at night, 33.3% preferred evenings while just 20.8% listened in the morning.
67.1% say they listen at home compared to 24.1% who listen in transit. 68.8% listened at home in 2020.
98.7% listen on their mobile devices. A slight increase from 97.9% in 2020.
74.7% press play immediately against 34.2% who prefer to download and listen later. 75% did the former in 2020.
65.8% prefer pop culture and entertainment-themed podcasts. A slight drop from 2020 which had 75% of those surveyed preferring the same.
48.1% say they want information from their preferred podcasts. 39.6% said the same in 2020.
68.4% like podcast episodes 40 minutes and under compared to 47.9% in 2020.
53.2% say they don’t mind expletives. 54.2% didn’t mind in 2020.
26.6% of the respondents reside in Lagos State, Nigeria. A higher percentage was recorded in 2020 with 47.9%. There were respondents from Ogun State, Oyo State, Rivers State, Edo State, Cross River State, Abuja.
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