Is Your Podcast Dangerous?

One way to measure podcast success is through audience feedback. But who would have thought that the very thing that keeps you company on the long drive could potentially get you killed?

I told my Pod Familia about a story I read involving a lady in Australia, who was enjoying a podcast while driving.

In fact, she enjoyed it so much, she laughed out loud and had an accident.

Lara Khoury had been listening to a segment of the Toni and Ryan podcast when she had a laughing fit and ran into the back of another car.

“I was listening to Toni yelling away at the end of the podcast whilst impersonating baby kittens, I was laughing my ass off about it and rear-ended someone.”

The car is still functional but will cost her a mean penny to fix.

Toni and Ryan, combined, have over 1.4 million TikTok followers and 400,000 Instagram followers.

Their 10-week old podcast, hosted on iHearRadio has over 4 million downloads.

Mmh, levels dey this tin.

You fit read the full tori here.

Meanwhile, a driving listener in Lagos experienced a similar situation with The YoungGod podcast.

Rodney wrote, “She was listening to the Fear Women. Respectfully episode. Na so she laugh at around the 17th minute. Car come swerve climb sidewalk hit light pole. Instant traffic. Smh.”

He hopes podcasts don’t get banned o, sake of say,

“People can die listening to podcasts. Immersive podcasts that have you feeling like you’re in the room can make you lose touch with the environment and before you know it, accident. Sometimes the power we wield as podcasters is underrated.”

This is serious,

Podcasters are dangerous

You should have a healthy fear of us

‘Cus the episodes we make are dangerous, so dangerous.

On a serious note though, maybe it’s time we include safety tips for drivers in our intros.

I’m open to creative suggestions in the comments!

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