How To Promote Your Podcast Offline In 2022

How To Promote Your Podcast Offline In 2022

Do the streets know you have a podcast?

And would they care?

Well, not unless you make them!

I’ve noticed that not a lot of regular Nigerian folk know what podcasting is and how it works but if they saw an ad or were incentivised with some merch, it could pique their interest.

That reminds me if you sabi coding genius wey fit make embeddable podcast player for WhatsApp, let me know.

Let’s do this together and share our journey in the community.


I’m a fan of the series God Friended Me and especially of how the protagonist, Miles Finer, ends each episode with a podcast show closer.

One of the ways he promotes his podcast, “The Millennial Prophet”, is by creating flyers and posters, which he staples on trees, notice boards and walls.

Create eye-catching flyers (Canva can help), share them as Christians share pamphlets around the neighbourhood.

Business Cards

Create business cards for your podcast as an extension of your brand. Make sure your logos and other details are consistent. investing in well-made business cards could be an effective way to get your podcast out there. Canva has some templates. Design to your specifications, download the pdf and talk to that brother printer down the road to print them out for you.

E no suppose cost.

Cross Promotion

Working with other podcasters who share similar values, no be bad idea. We could co-develop and co-sponsor LIVE events and bring awareness of our podcasts to potential listeners in schools, hubs and hospitality spots. Did you see what the hosts of Terms and Conditions did in partnership with Music n Chills?


If your podcast story is newsworthy, create a news story around it. Reach out to local publications for a feature or buy ad spots in the paper.

Churches sell ad spots in bulletins too…

Look into offline publications that your listener is most likely to read and get familiar with their publication protocols.

The Walking Billboard…

Put your podcast logo and CTA on some merch. Be the walking talking brand of your podcast. Have fun with the designs and let them pique curiosity, so when the questions come, you have a flyer, business card and an elevation pitch at the ready.

Whether you’re taking a walk to the local beer parlour or viewing centre, wear your brand as a t-shirt, trucker cap, or hoodie. Have your shareable [flyers, stickers, business cards, etc] in a customized purse or backpack.

Radio Ads

If you have a decent enough budget, reach out to the promotional/marketing units of radio stations catered to your audience demographic and get their rates. Create a sweet 30-second promo for your podcast, buy a few slots and run a campaign.

There you go.

Do you have any additional promotional plans for your podcast you’d like to share?


And don’t forget to listen to all the available episodes of the 1st season of The Tony Doe Podcast. If you’re a fan of Arsenal FC, check out my UPGNRs Podcast too.

If you need a 1-on-1 Podcast Coach or Editor, Book-A-Chat

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Have a great 2022!

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Podcaster | Voice-Over Guy | Radio Shifu | Confam Arsenal Fan | Country Rep, [Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists] |

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Tony Doe™

Tony Doe™

Podcaster | Voice-Over Guy | Radio Shifu | Confam Arsenal Fan | Country Rep, [Association of African Podcasters and Voice Artists] |

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