10 Questions & The Responsibility Of Trust

February turned out to be a good month for me and my “podcaster visibility” run.

The year kicked off with a spot on the panel for this year’s Discovery Tour #4: Nigeria, orchestrated by Africa PodFest in January and the following month has seen me answer 10 Questions on Africa’s Digital Podcast Magazine, The Podcast Sessions and enjoy a guest spot on Season 4, Episode 39 of the Podcaster Stories with Danny Brown [who turned out to be a fellow Gooner].

Among the 10 Questions, I was asked about my dream guest, production equipment and why I decided to start a podcast.

You can read/download the magazine here.

You’ll find me on Page 30.

On Podcaster Stories, I shared my views on censorship in podcasting, how art truly does reflect life, why 2022 could be a seminal year for independent podcasters, and more.

Special mentions, Yugee D Phenom and Rexx Uber Fresh, whose episodes on The Tony Doe Podcast were referenced.

My host, Danny Brown is the Head of Podcaster Experience at http://Captivate.fm

Did I mention he’s a Gooner too? We spent some really good minutes reviewing Arsenal’s season so far. I’ll get his Confam Arsenal Fan Moments on the UPGNRs Podcast soon.



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